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Find Your Passion: The Element

The Interseasonal Convergence Zone, also known as the artist's summer doldrums, has me rather depressed.  I've been spending creative time sketching Battlestar Galactica style spaceships, gardening, building a sidecar for my bicycle, fancy cooking, grilling, ex cetera ex cetera. The studio space unfortunately remains well above 100 degrees into the late evening where my still life resides.  My all-inspiring connection to the artists of the non air-conditioned centuries has burnt out!  Now a few days before September (almost a year since I've completed a studio painting on canvas), I find myself purging the depths of the Internet, blogs and of course the video archives of TED to survive the creative angst of late.

I have written before on the importance of the humanities, especially those which stem from a classical or historical niche and I believe it is safe to leave that sleeping dog well enough alone.  I have also mentioned my admiration for Sir Ken Robinson, an advocate for creativity and the Arts in education.  He needs little introduction for those readers who may have dared the undertow of my Vitruvian maelstrom.

Here, Mr. Robinson presents some of the background to his book, The Element in this RSA presentation.