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Studio Update

The summer months are a particularly difficult time to find oneself in the studio. I completed this little drawing when the outside average temperature had exceeded 103°+ for over a week. Even drawing in near nakedness with gallons of ice water consumed, the garage-studio in which I work still presents one insurmountable challenge: sweat!

You can see that the paper is crackled and bubbly from the rhythmic wet-and-dry process it endured over the past few weekends. At times I wonder how the most impressive and enduring art from the classical age until the implementation of wide-scale air conditioning was created in such temperatures. This gives me a great psychological connection to artists of the past like Bougereau, Godward and Alma Tadema, though often escaped to country or sea-side vacations in their mature careers, unquestionably worked amid such brutal summers in France, Italy and the Holy Land.

I have written before that artists must earn their value at the easel alone, that it should never be given because of trumped ego-mysticism, publicity or scandal and summer time is the prefect opportunity to do so, even if only at an hour at a time. I have struggled with fabric (along with everything else it seems!) in the past and will finally put it behind me.

Part of earning your stars is of course, recognizing those who have trail-blazed before you with much success and importantly, have done or are doing so contemporaneously. Those who are familiar with the painting powerhouses of the classical realism niche, will probably recognize the motif I am showing here, with my "unfortunate political spin" to come a bit later once the drawing is put upon my canvas and tweaked for details.

Flag Study, pencil on binder paper, ≈ 7" x 8 ¾"