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Munsell Spheres: 7.5 PB 3

This post's spheres are 7.5 PB ranging from 8/3 through 1/3.

Munsell Spheres: 7.5 PB 2

This post's spheres are 7.5 PB ranging from 9/2 through 1/2.

Munsell Spheres: 7.5 PB 1

This post's spheres are 7.5 PB ranging from 9/1 through 1/1.

Munsell Spheres: N

This post's spheres are N ranging from 9/1 through 1/1.

The [Virtual] Munsell Spheres Project

Introducing the Munsell Spheres Project!

Museum Quality Custom Canvases

Custom canvases pricing from Grip Fast Artworks have been updated for 2017!

Artist's Essential Tool Guide: How to Make your Android tablet into a Wacom Tablet

This section of Cal's Blog, hosted by Grip Fast Artworks, is part of the Artist's Essential Tool Guide's How-To/Must-Have Linux series which focuses on GNU/FOSS technologies that are of particular use to the artist (specifically Ubuntu). These techniques come courtesy of Grip Fast Information Systems & Technology.

Marc Dalessio's Social Media for Painters/Artists

The aspiring art student or interested layperson will more often than not find it difficult to see great classical realist/contemporary art without having to travel to a major urban area. Fortunately, plein air painter Marc Dalessio has posted some great information relating to some of the best contemporary realist art resources the Internet has to offer on his blog titled Social Media for Painters.

Art Porn: Tone by Trent Jalitsch

Cal's Blog is initiating a now-and-again series titled "Art Porn" which will consist of various videos about art-making that are, for a lack of a better word, satiating. Our introductory video is "Tone" by Trent Jaklitsch in honor of a very talented painter Alyssa Monks with music by Darkside.

New Year and Classical Belief

As a child I once dreamed of being an architect but like many things from adolescence more immediate concerns took precedent. When I landed a minor CAD drafting and secretarial position for a major regional firm in my mid-twenties I thought it destiny -  until I realized that governmental regulations extremely limit educational supply and volatile housing markets periodically gut the profession. Nevertheless you may find an occasional plan or elevation on my computer or in my sketchbook satiating a now-and-again fancy...

Studio Update

I've been struggling to stay in the studio but the preparatory drawing for this little painting is slowly moving forward. I'm anxious to jump into paint. Students and seasoned artists must remember, art is given life in the drawing stage and the more time spent here will result in a stronger, finished piece.

Preparatory drawing for still life oil painting, title forthcoming.
18 x 13", charcoal on newsprint, 2013 

How Being an Accessable Artist Makes You Money - Part II

In the last post I laid out some specific goals of an embedded chat widget on a website or blog to replace the long-defunct Meebo widget.  The required parameters were that it must have a minimal site footprint, work universally without reliance on a specific chat program, look presentably professional, offer some custom styling, always be reliable, work well with mobile users and be free.  The solution seems overwhelming but its actually pretty straightforward.

How Being an Accessable Artist Makes You Money - Part I

If you’ve ever heard of Blog Talk Radio chances are you know all about Artists Helping Artists: Selling Your Art On-Line with Leslie Saeta.  The show focuses on how to market and sell art, along with interviews with artists, gallery personnel and others who share knowledge and experience in art business.  The show is very casual and laid back in presentation but does have some genuinely good advice on how to make the possibility of selling art a much more frequent event at your website.

Out of Towner: The Getty Villa

I have an artistic tradition of visiting a major museum once per season and was lucky enough to receive tickets to visit the Getty Villa in Malibu, California during the first week of July (2012). One can request tickets for free at their website. The Getty issues tickets dependent upon what days you request and if not available, will issue those nearest available.  Its advisable to give at least two weeks notice or more if an upcoming show is well advertised or hugely popular; we obtained ours about a month in advance and printed the paperwork right off the web.

Artists's Essential Tool Guide: Cheap Studio Lighting

One of the problems associated with an improved studio environment is the lack of proper lighting for serious still life painting and portraiture. OEM rigs, like the one provided by, shown in this post by Grand Central Academy alumni A. Cunningham, can run over $150.00 before the bulbs are exchanged by full spectrum replacements. One of the main complaints for this particular model by customer review is the lack of lighting area for more than one sitter if posed slightly apart. Although I am sure it serves well for sitting poses and the like, I wanted to procure a lighting rig that can serve both my immediate still life needs and grow with me in the future.

Fresno's First Major Trompe l'oeil Mural

I'd like to share the tromp l'oeil mural I completed at Crazy Bernie the last week of June, 2012. It is the first large-scale trompe l'oeil mural in Fresno spanning a surface area of approximately 3553.36 feet along with some additional signage.  Readers might recall that I changed some signage for the owner when he re-opened his store back in May of 2011 along with a a very large "portrait" of him.  You can read all about that here.

Artist's Essential Tool Guide: Studio Wall Neutral Colors

UPDATE! September 15th, 2012.
I am very happy with both the color match and result of painting my white studio Mohegan Sage (from Home Depot). However, the next time I am required to paint a studio I will strongly consider a neutral-cool gray rather than Mohegan Sage. Mohegan Sage without large levels of natural or high UV lighting tends to appear too green in chroma. It is best suited for fleshy painting, nudes and portraits but am not convinced it is ideal for still life work. William Bouguereau was known to have used a neutral-cool gray in his studios as do several other highly accomplished contemporary painters and I will follow suit next time.

Power of Erasure II

As I mentioned in the previous post, I have been scouring the Internet for source material of large, convincingly realistic examples of mural work by artists like John Pugh and Kent Twitchell for an upcoming mural I'm executing for a local business...

Power of Erasure

In preparation for a new mural commission I've been looking at quite a few large scale paintings and murals, most noticeably those of John Pugh and Kent Twitchell. I would love to inspect the paintings in person and analyze the methodology, perspective and paint applique but this is unfortunately neither financially nor temporally realistic. In my quest to find digital images I was surprised to discover that many of their most important works have been either destroyed or currently threatened.

Seven Days in the Art World

The perfect summer season finisher, I recommend reading this book if you ever wondered what the fast-and-sexy-lives of artists are all about but please pay no attention to the charlatans behind the curtain.  Thornton investigates and reveals anonymously, the ludicrous art commodity market partrons who frequent Christie's and Sotherby's, interviews auctioneers, gallery dealers, art exposé fair partcipants, the Venetian Biennale exhibitionists, the Turner Prize candidates, Tate board members, Cal Arts critical curricula and finally, even a few artists.

The Element

After a few relaxing days of reading, I can now personally attest to the qualitative arguments behind Ken Robinson's The Element.  If you have seen any of his lectures on TED, uploaded here or across the web, you'll find he's been thinking about this book for much longer than he admits in the actual text.  Some of his lectures are literally word for word from this provocative book - and they should be.  His ease of writing style makes the sometimes complicated ideas clear and concise to which any layman or adolescent could easily access.  Humor is also used to great effect.  Robinson has used his own creativity to dupe us into learning without us knowing as it happens, which is after all, the entire premise of his life work on creativity. It is the fuel to which learning requires to kindle the mind and ultimately, warm the human soul.

Artist's Essential Tool Guide: Oil Transfers

I tend to favor paintings that are near or actually life sized (or larger) both as a viewer and as a painter.  I was told in school that an artist, if not fully accomplished, must make his or her art large to gain attention.  If that fails, make it sculpture.  If that too fails, make it a fountain...with that in mind, this oil transfer tutorial is meant for those who prefer larger canvases.  This technique can be utilized by those living in small apartments, houses or areas that are climate controlled for very little expense.

Find Your Passion: The Element

The Interseasonal Convergence Zone, also known as the artist's summer doldrums, has me rather depressed.  I've been spending creative time sketching Battlestar Galactica style spaceships, gardening, building a sidecar for my bicycle, fancy cooking, grilling, ex cetera ex cetera. The studio space unfortunately remains well above 100 degrees into the late evening where my still life resides.  My all-inspiring connection to the artists of the non air-conditioned centuries has burnt out!  Now a few days before September (almost a year since I've completed a studio painting on canvas), I find myself purging the depths of the Internet, blogs and of course the video archives of TED to survive the creative angst of late.

Studio Update

The summer months are a particularly difficult time to find oneself in the studio. I completed this little drawing when the outside average temperature had exceeded 103°+ for over a week. Even drawing in near nakedness with gallons of ice water consumed, the garage-studio in which I work still presents one insurmountable challenge: sweat!